About Us

Namaste (Nepalese) Air is a private limited company, registered as a domestic airline under the company act of Nepal Government on 14th Feburary 2012. Its objective is to provide commercial air transportation of passenger and cargo services in Nepal. The company’s aim is to provide top quality commercial air transportation services for domestic passenger and cargo in Nepal and to establish itself as a top domestic airline. It is planning to take advantage of the inadequate air services in the domestic market coupled with the increasing demand for schedule and charter passenger travel and cargo transport on urban area falling in trunk routes as well as on hub airports.

Mission Statement

Grow A Profitable Airline
With A Dedication To Caring For
Our Customers,
Our Communities,
and Our Environment

Core Values

Honesty and Fair Dealing
Customer Satisfaction
Demonstrating Respect to Individuals
Innovation, Fun & Passion
Team Work

Mile stones

14 February 2012
Company Registration
30 July 2012
Obtained License to Operate from Civil Aviation Ministry
26 Nov 2012
Obtained AOC
14 February 2013
Commercial operation


The Namaste (Nepalese) Air is established by young, efficient, enterprising, experienced professionals with proven track record in business, Aviation, Travel & Tourism, Airline start-ups etc. In order to manage efficiently and properly, the majority of the promoters will work as a full time employee of the company. This will also fulfill the required dedicated human resources of the company.